Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 Stink Free Feet Rituals

A healthy feet means a de-stressed life. This foot de-stinking habits should let us take off our shoes without the stink bomb alert going off too!

1. Soaking. After office hours,when you're at home already,put about a handful of salt in a warm water on a basin and soak your feet for 10-20 minutes.
2. Scrubbing. After the soak.scrub and rub your feet all over in a brisk and circular massage motion especially on the heel and ball portion as these are the rough and tough areas.
3. Absorption. After rinsing the feet from scrubbing.towel dry completely.Put on a generous amount of foot lotion,if you don't have one, virgin coconut oil will do, then put on a thick pair of sock .The heat will help absorb the lotion resulting ina softer and smoother feet in the morning.
4. Spraying. the next morning.After taking your bath,towel dry again your feet the spray on foot spray or fi you don't have have,just dilute a small amount of alcohol on water to put on your sprayer.This water based formula is better than a deodorizer lotion which can clog spores and stink -up your feet even more.

There you go...a stink-free feet all day long...less stressing is it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To drink or Not to Drink Milk

In my recent past, just a week ago,i have given up drinking milk or putting milk in my drinks. After i have read an article about the unhealthy side of drinking milk and taking in other dairy products. We have this common believe as taught to us by our parents and in TV commercials too,that milk is good for the body. But times have change and other guy's studies and observation led to some conclusion that dairy products contributed much to the production of mucus,phlegm that can clog our organs?Yup,ever wonder why you feel like congested up to your neck,,,well the culprit was all those dairy product you have eaten that day.tThis might include cheesse on your pan -de sal...or maybe on that pizza...lots of cheese there.,or milk in your coffee.It will put our body in such a distress state,because it couldn't break that down what our body has produced which is tremendous amount of histamines, tremendous amount of mucus.Imagine being congested slowly with your mucus and phlegm.Try not to touch dairy products for 6 days and on the seventh day splurge on it...I'm sure you'll feel so congested the next morning of that seventh day.There are other more ill effect brought upon by taking dairy products...lots of diseases are recently attributed to this.So now i'm sharing this info so we can all cut down on dairy products and better start to look for other alternative food source. I mean the sooner the better!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Own Regiment

My journey back to healthful lifestyle has made me do a regiment that i devised simply just to get me perspired and going. I don know if this is physically okay but it seems that i dont't suffer any muscle pain , so i guess it suit me well,so here's goes my regiment.
I start very early in the morning,waking up at prescribed alarm clock at 5am. I get up from a lethargic sleep and just make a spring jump from bed if I can. Then I do a couple of stretching on my legs and arms. After that I do a 10 minute walkathon -in -place.Then I put on on wristband weights and another 10 minutes of calisthenic exercises. And to complete the 30 minutes ,I do the a series of tae kwon do basic blocks and punches .Capping this 30 minutes workout is the simple breathing in and out on my way to preparing my morning meal of cooked cereal with Milo Chocolate drinks garnished with honey.! How's that for healthy morning regiment?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 Reading Habits to a Better Eyesight.

You may not notice it,reading is one of the causes of poor eyesight.that's why i listed 5 reading habits here to make reading a better experience and totally safe for our eyes.

1. Avoid reading when tired or sick. Yes ,give your eyes a rest to when your in that state. Read only when your enegy is high.

2. Avoid reading for extended periods in poor lights.It is best to read in daylight,with the sun or outdoor light though a window onto to your reading material.Most of us read with 60-100watts bulb or less,our eyes will strain and weaken by this.

3.Avoid reading on a slump posture.We should read and sit comfortably erect.Reading while on a sofa with the neck bent upward causes lengthening/fattening of the eyeball resulting in myopia or nearsightedness.We should also hold the book 20" away from the eyes.

4. Avoid reading for more than 30 minutes at one time. 30 minutes is about the maximum time most of our untrained eyes can handle without strain or fatigue.
Read bit by bit.Look into the distance for your eye to rest...Massage the areas around the eyes.

5. Avoid squinting.Learn to see or read without muscular effort by consciously relaxing the eyebrows.

Think for a moment what our eyes actually do for us.How hard they work for us and the pleasures they brought us by making us see the things around us.let us lear to love our eyes.Make these habits consciously to a better eyesight!

My Choco

This is my favorite choco drinks nowadays.I know many claim that consuming chocolate instills strength and health ,this is because researechers have discovered that chemicals found in chocolates are beneficial to health.Ror example ,theobromine is rich in antioxidants,stearic acid helps prevent build up of cholesterol,phenylthylamine (also poduces in the human brain during emotional plasure) is scientifically proven aid to the control of human stress.

MyChoco is a perfect on-the-go indulgence for people like me who enjoy treating themselves.

It is a refreshing drink fortified with DHA,essentisl to mental,visual, and neurogical acuities needed for memory,concentration and focus, and infused with phyto-energizers.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

'My Complete' Vitamin

     It is fit to start my first article about this blog exactly the same as my blog title isn't it?
My Complete is a first of its kind of vitamin here in the Philippines.It is a nutrient rich
vitamins containing approximately 16,000 phytonutrients! Amazing number isn't it?
I have learned that the ingredients of this phyto-energizer works in "synergy" to produce the maximum result for your body thus making it the most potent anti-aging product.
     In fact this vitamin was the one that gave back the energy i need after i was hospitalized after a stroke. I have taken it ever since and now i am sharing it to the blogosphere to inform of its beneficial treat to our body. I will dedicate a page for this wonderful food concentrate in this blog soon!